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Be Good To Yourself

Hello my  beautiful people,

Your girl is back with another post.

Last night I read a passage titled “Be good to yourself”. I was intrigued by the simplicity of the title and the more I read the passage,the more it made sense. The purpose behind this passage was to remind us to always be good to ourselves no matter what we go through…. I know that sounds so cheesy but hear me out.

How many times have we allowed ourselves to be comfortable with the way people “describe us” which then leads to us to accepting it and making it who we are. How often has the way people treated us lead us to believe less about ourselves?

The passage began by giving scenarios on how the things that happen to us in life could easily affect our well-being, character and ways of living. It stressed on never allowing another person’s view of you control the way you see yourself, because that’s giving them too much power. How many times have we heard the words: “You are not worth it! You are a disappointment! You are a failure! You’ll never make it!”

This is a message to anyone who feels that those words define them.. I don’t know what you are currently dealing with but I’d like to remind you that:








Don’t allow other people’s opinion creep into your inner person, refuse to hate yourself, if no one has compassion on you, remember God does and that’s enough reason to be good to yourself. Allow yourself to live without hate! sadness! grudges! and truly anything that brings you down. Allow yourself to love yourself flaws and all.

You cannot give anything to anyone if your well is dry.. be filled with self love, self motivation, self admiration, self encouragement, to be able to spread that to the ones around you.. you can only give out what you feed yourself.

Be good to yourself…


Mimmacula 💋❤

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She’s back and She’s better

Hello my lovelies,

Your girl is back and ready to write again. I am so happy to be able to blog again, life throws freaking lemons, stones, etc at you and sometimes it’s healthy to take a step back to sort yourself out, and I’d like to believe that although I haven’t reached the finish line, I am making a progress. With that being said , this is really a post to say Hello Everyone! How’s everyone doing? How’s the lovely weather in the UK treating everyone? We can now freely wear shorts and crop tops without coats and jackets, but really always take a jacket y’all this weather is a lie sometimes.

Anyways.. I am looking forward to Summer, I tend to really enjoy Summer. I mean being a Summer baby myself how can I not be excited!! Shout-out to Summer Babies!!!

Let make summer memories!



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Random Facts About Mimmacula

I have to admit that some of the tasks of this challenge were rather personal and by that I mean not expressive. Certain things weren’t worth publishing because they were very self focused. However I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love as it should have been and I just hope that we will carry on showering each other with love more than once a year.

So today’s task was fun and I had to take some time to think about them, 25 random facts about me. I mean I thought I could nail these but it took some time and it hit me… how often do we actually take a moment to get to know who we are. Then I realised that sometimes we get comfortable with how others define us and the things they notice about us and settle with that.

So my advice is take a moment and think about yourself, What do you like/ dislike? What are your interests? Who are you? What is so random about you?

With that being said let’s get into it.

~Random Facts about Mimmacula~

1. I’m an only child.
2. Pink was and always will be my favorite color.
3. I can only eat cheese melted unless its mozzarella.
4. I’m 5’5 (modelling height just saying.. Holla at your girl!).
5. My eyes are brown but look Hazel in the summer (pay attention and ask my mom).
6. I speak 5 languages.
7. I had a monkey, parrots, dogs as pets when I was little.
8. I can cook and bake.
9. I love organising events and hosting.
10. I’m half congolese and half Rwandese or Rwandan.
11. I’m a Leo #JulyBaby
12. First time I travelled alone I was 10 years old.
13. I’ve lost my luggage twice.
14. I’ve never been in a physical fight.
15. I can sing.
16. I love colouring but I can’t draw to save my life.
17. I love love love swimming.
18. I actually don’t like going to the beach, the sand gets everywhere!!!!
19. I’m a clean freak… Mess gives my anxiety.
20. I skipped year 10 #SmartKid.
21. I love helping people.
22. I’ve twisted my ankle but never broken a bone.
23. I love writing.
24. I find scary movies rather entertaining.

Last but not least

25. I love scented candles.

Bible Verse Of The Day 


I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

Share some random facts about yourself, I would love to read them.



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Me Time

“Me Time”

My challenges for the past three days basically summed up to “Me time” and that involved relaxing, meditating, taking time off my phone, cleaning my apartment, re-organising my cupboards, going food shopping , Netflix , listening to music and dancing around my house. Although I had other important things through out the day, I managed to do certain things that made me happy. Sometimes we get caught up in our busy schedules and forget to take time off. It’s so important to switch our schedules sometimes, even if it’s for 10 minutes… 10 minutes of pure happiness makes such a difference. I find that I don’t need to have an entire day of “Me Time”, unless I’ve planned it beforehand. Simple things like listening to my favourite playlist or taking a bubble bath could easily switch up my mood. Here’s my advice to everyone, Find the little things that could easily brighten up your day and whenever you can take some time off and treat yourself to some “Me Time”.


Bible Verse of the Day


“How often Do You Have *Me-Time*”?


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#4 Share your Self-Motivation Method 

When I got up to this challenge, I was excited because this is something I’ve been doing for some time now. I use a wall in my room to uplift my spirit and everyday I add a note on the wall on the brightest Sticky notes I could find. I have found it to be so enlightening every morning when it’s the first thing I see when I get up and every other times I walk past it. Pinterest and Tumblr have the best collection of motivational words, phrases and quotes. You can get creative and print out the quotes or words on pretty backgrounds, I truly encourage everyone to do this, it’s therapeutical , unlike Journals/Diaries these are short, sweet and easily accessible.



A different way as I mentioned above, GET CREATIVE!

Love Bible Verse Of The Day


What is Your Self-motivation Method?



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Learn Something New

#3 Learn Something New

So I had some trouble with this task because I was caught off guard. Like how do you just get up and learn something new. Initially I wanted to learn something from scratch, something I’ve never done before totally disregarding a simple life lesson, BIG MISTAKE!

As I’m getting ready to go to bed, I realised that I could simply share something I’ve learnt recently. I’ve learnt to let go and accept certain situations for what they are and that truly you will never have an answer or a solution to everything. We tend to want to fix everything that goes wrong and honestly we are not capable and that’s okay, somethings are meant to be as they are and we simply have to walk away and let it be. Although letting go is probably the hardest thing to do…give yourself time and take one step at a time.

Have You Learnt Something Today?

Bible Verse Of The Day



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Start a Journal


When I was little, I always had a diary and whenever I go back home, I read through the ones I can find and honestly it’s the most entertaining thing to look back on. The things that used to upset me at the time or simply happen to me back then according to my writing seemed so extreme that they really were, when I think about it now but back then my frustration was real!!!! I guess I felt better after ranting to my diary.

#2 Start a Journal

As an adult every so often I get my diary and write down my emotions but I’ve never been as consistent as I was as a kid. Today’s task is to “Start a Journal” and I am intending to make better use of it, if not them (I have a thing for cute notebooks, maybe I have one too many but really there’s no such thing as too many cute books). Journals/Diaries are meant to be somewhat therapeutical…according to a lot of people and I guess that my 5 year old self believed that too. So”Dear Journal/Diary” let’s see how many emotions I’ll pour onto you.

Bible Verse Of The Day

How many of you have a Journal/Diary?